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Bath Packages and Undercoat Management

Is your pet shedding everywhere? We use excellent deshedding products, and tools to help manage your pet's undercoat. while some dogs may always shed to some extent, regular grooming can help drastically reduce it and keep their coat healthy and shiny!


Nail Trims

Nail Trims $20.00

Nail Trim and File $25.00

**Please Book Ahead, we do not offer walk in services**


Full Hair Cut and Style

Each full groom includes fluff drying by hand, a pampering bath with high end shampoo and conditioner, nail trimming, ear cleaning, and high end finishing products!


Puppy Introductions

Puppies need to start learning about grooming while they are young. It is best to have 1-2 introduction appointments before attempting a haircut. This gives your pup the best chance to get used to grooming and see it as a normal part of life. Please contact us to book ahead if you are planning on bringing home a new pup!


Request your next appointment online through our new online booking portal

Dog groomer serving the Greater Fort Erie area, located on the border of Ridgeway and Crystal Beach. We offer Full hair cuts in different styles, Bath packages, Nail Trims, and Deshedding. We are an experienced, and caring, two person groomer and bather team, ready to help your pet look and feel their best! 

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